Hilarious podcast boys Rich Masters, Josh Henderson, and Jeff Pennington
read their own original pulp tales in audio anthology format, based on your prompts!

Newest Episode: Debts & Break-Ups

Next Episode: Pacts & Sacrifices
release date: 6/12/23

Science Fiction - The Omniverse
Resident British host and creator of stories that will make you cry, laugh, then rue the day you ever loved one of his characters. Most Interrupted man ever. Co-Hosts Toonhounds, a cartoons podcast, and co-creator of T'Pon's Theatre on Subspace, a Star Trek comedy radio drama.
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High Fantasy - Daranos
Philadelphia's own laughing guy, most famous for creating Fantasy Fiction stories that blow your dick up your ass but you like it for some reason? And they're BACK, BABY! Co-host of Continue?, a hilarious video game youtube channel and M-Class Podcast, a Star Trek watch club podcast.
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Pulp Horror - Spookyvision
A West Virginian by birth only, who you may know as a freelance artist and comic book creator, or you may know as the spookiest bastard on the whole internet. Co-Host of M-Class Podcast, a Star Trek watch club podcast, some cool art, and a bunch of old dead podcasts that no one cares about.
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